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Getting the Internet

January 3, 2012

For the past month and a half, I have been without the Internet in my home. I have  limped along and used Internet cafés which I would not recommend to anyone who wants to remain sane. From my experience at several Internet cafés I can say that 95% of the computers are used by young teen boys who play video games with each other and who constantly yell, holler, and scream at the slightest provocation. Before this interruption of home service, I was completely satisfied with our cable TV and Internet hookup, but my wife wanted to move to a new place for reasons all her own. The place we moved to was okay, but cable was not available. The first thing we did was to contact PLDT or Philippine Long Distance Telephone for their Internet service. They brushed us off by saying that our location was outside of their service area and hung up. The next choice was Digitel. After a week, a technician came out, took one look at where we were and said the nearest Digitel lines were already taken and that it would cost a lot to put up new lines just for us. I went back to our previous cable connection and asked where their service areas were in town so we could make another move. They told me the few areas that were available and my wife went apartment hunting there. After a few days, she gave up because she knew the places she found were substandard or too expensive for our budget. There is another choice, but I am adamantly opposed to using Smart Bro because their service is the worst I have ever seen. My solution was to move to another town and we chose Hermosa where we found a spacious townhouse in a subdivision. The next step was contacting the cable company there. Their office manager/technician/clerk gave us a handful of paperwork to fill out and told us to come back the next day. That was a holiday and the office was closed. It was also closed the next two days because it was a weekend. On the following Monday, the man in the office took all the paperwork and said that cable installation would not be until after the technicians complete a survey of our area. They have to physically come to our place to calculate how near or far we were to their lines.  My wife decided to hurry the process.  She went over and demanded they come today or we would get another company.  That’s why you now see this.

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